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Client Story: Mr & Mrs Chavez' Wedding

Story of Mr & Mrs Chavez Wedding: A Beautiful Ceremony in Our Pond Island Pavilion and a Grand Reception in Our Ballroom

Weddings at Grace Gardens Event Center

In 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting Mr and Mrs Chavez's ceremony in our elegant Pond Island Pavilion, followed by a reception in our magnificent Grand Ballroom. This blog post is dedicated to showcasing their beautiful love story and wedding.

Photography By: Sarah Lindholm

"Jason and I are complete opposites, I’m a realist and he’s a dreamer, but I’ve seen my world shift. I now dream because I have seen him make the impossible, possible. I now reach for the stars because I’ve seen him conquer a whole universe. I knew we had the world at our feet and it had only just begun."

- Mrs Chavez


Our client stories are at the core of our work.

At Grace Gardens, our client stories are at the core of our work. Dive deep into their experiences and learn how they've become part of our family. Without them, Grace Gardens would not be complete.


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