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Pond Island Pavilion

Say "I do," as the sunset kisses the horizon at Grace Gardens. Have your wedding ceremony in the center of our beautiful Pond Island surrounded by our exquisite landscaping making your wedding an unforgettable one.


Amenities include: Ample 12,000 sq.ft. Grassy Knoll, Cascading Floating Fountains, Desert Oasis Landscaping, Breathtaking Sunset Views, Natural Picturesque Backgrounds.

Pond Island Ceremony

 Client Stories 

JPond Island Pavilion | Wedding | Grace Gardens Event Center | El Paso Texas

Mr & Mrs Chavez 

"Jason and I are complete opposites, I’m a realist and he’s a dreamer, but I’ve seen my world shift. I now dream because I have seen him make the impossible, possible. I now reach for the stars because I’ve seen him conquer a whole universe. I knew we had the world at our feet and it had only just begun."

IMG_5483 (1) Autumn Espalin.JPG

"Steven proposed to me in our favorite spot – the High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada. As we reached the top, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!"

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