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Notebook and Fountain Pen

Spotlighting Our Client Stories
The Heart of Grace Gardens

At Grace Gardens, our clients' stories are at the core of our work. Dive deep into their experiences and learn how they've become part of our family. Without them, Grace Gardens would not be complete.

Grace Gardens Wedding

"I knew early on Juan was my person, my best friend and my everything. He is my everyday, every moment and every memory I want to fill my life with."

Wedding Photo by our Pond Island

After 2 years of dating and sharing our lives we decided to get married!! I am the happiest woman alive.

Grace Gardens Wedding

Dominic & Christy

"The best thing about our love is that we are always on some adventure, or enjoying a glass of wine at dinner for date night, or having fun with our friends and family."

Sweet 16 event

"As her parents, we are incredibly proud of the young woman she has become and will always support her in her future endeavors. We wish for our daughter to continue having faith and trust in God and may He continue to bless her always."

Grace Gardens Wedding

"Steven proposed to me in our favorite spot – the High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada. As we reached the top, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!"

Wedding at Grace Gardens

"Jason and I are complete opposites, I’m a realist and he’s a dreamer, but I’ve seen my world shift. I now dream because I have seen him make the impossible, possible. I now reach for the stars because I’ve seen him conquer a whole universe. I knew we had the world at our feet and it had only just begun."

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