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Grace Gardens Bakery 

Macaroons | Cookies 

(Minimum of 2 Dozen)

Individual Macaroons

Assortment of colors & flavors...$2.00/ea
Personalized macaroons...$2.50 plus/ea
Macaroon Tower.....$350.00
150 macaroons displayed on an 8-tiered stand; assortment of colors and decorations available

Mini Empanadas
Filled with seasonal fruit jam 
Fudge Brownies
$16. per Dozen
Semi sweet chocolate squares

$16. per Dozen
Semi sweet chocolate bits with pecans 

 Cookies $12.00 per lb

Biscochos / Russian Cookies
Round or half-moon almond or pecan crushed cookies, sprinkled with white powdered sugar or cinnamon 
Jelly-filled Shortbread
Shortbread star shaped cookie with jelly filling
Almond Shortbread
Shortbread (assorted shapes) sprinkled with sugar
Cinnamon Cookies
Shortbread (assorted shapes) sprinkled with cinnamon


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