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Macaroons & Cookies

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(Minimum of 2 dozen)

Individual Macaroons

Assortment of colors & flavors...$2.00/ea

Personalized macaroons...$2.50 plus/ea


Macaroon Tower.....$350.00

150 macaroons displayed on an 8-tiered stand; assortment of colors and decorations available

 Cookies $12.00 per lb

 Biscochos / Russian Cookies

Round or half-moon almond or pecan crushed cookies, sprinkled with white powdered sugar or cinnamon 


Jelly-filled Shortbread

Shortbread star shaped cookie with jelly filling


Almond Shortbread

Shortbread (assorted shapes) sprinkled with sugar


Cinnamon Cookies

Shortbread (assorted shapes) sprinkled with cinnamon


 Mini Empanadas


Filled with seasonal fruit jam 


Fudge Brownies

$16. per Dozen

Semi sweet chocolate squares


$16. per Dozen

Semi sweet chocolate bits

with pecans 

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