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Individual Desserts

(Minimum of 1 Dozen)

Vanilla Sponge.....2.00

Vanilla cake with butter cream


Chocolate Sponge.....2.50

Chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache and fruit


Strawberry Shortcake.....2.75

Vanilla cake with strawberry fruit and strawberry syrup


Black Forest Cake.....3.00

Chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling and whipped cream frosting


Boston Cream Cake.....3.25

Vanilla cake with vanilla cream, covered with chocolate ganache


Piña-Colada Cake....3.25

Pine apple cake with coconuts and pineapple filling topped with whipped cream


Carrot Cake.....3.25

Carrot cake with pecans and spices covered with cream cheese frosting


Mousse (Fruit or Chocolate).....3.25

Served in 4 oz cups topped with whipped cream


Apple Cobler....3.75

Cinnamon-spiced apples baked in a sweet made from scratch crust


Pumpkin Pie....3.75

Creamy pumpkin custard baked in a tender flaky crust


Fruit Tart.....5.75

Tart with vanilla cream topped with seasonal fruit


Cream Puffs.....4.50

Pastry ball filled with pastry cream or chocolate mousse, dusted with powdered sugar

Chocolate Pecan Pie....5.00

Traditional pecan pie filled with chocolate chips and bourbon whisky



Tube shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with ricotta cream, nuts or chocolate chips



Pastry dough filled with vanilla cream and covered with nuts and chocolate


Poached Pear.....6.25

Spiced pear in red wine with marscapone cream, topped with an orange and vanilla flavored sauce


Tres Leches Cake.....6.25

Sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. Topped with seasonal fruit


Caramel Cream Flan.....6.75 Sweet cream custard topped with a caramel topping


Cheesecake (with sauce).....$4.75

Cheesecake covered with seasonal fruit or chocolate ganache


Crème Brûlée.....6.75 Pudding with a hard caramel top, garnished with fresh fruit


Fruit Torte.....7.00

Vanilla or chocolate torte cake, layered with fruit mousse and topped with fresh fruit



Vanilla cake with espresso coffee and marscapone cream, topped with powdered chocolate



Sheets of phyllo (paper-thin dough) layered with chopped nuts, butter, and cinnamon; baked, and soaked in a honey or sugar syrup

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